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Because Yukiya cannot pay Somuku back the 120 million yen he was purchased with, he is forced to have sex with Somuku in return for 500,000 yen each time to try to buy back his eventual freedom.. Boku No Pico Live Action Sub Indo Boku No Pico Live Action Sub Indo 3gp, Mp4, HD Mp4 video, Download Boku No Pico Live Action Sub Indo 3gp Video.

Arguably, Boku no Pico paved the way for other anime of its type becoming as popular as they have become now, which really changed the yaoi and boys love world forever.. When Yukiya Anase was in high school, he helped out a stranger Now four years later, while in university, Yukiya finds himself bought by that same stranger at an auction his cousins sells him at.. Finally, in both anime the uke, or submissive partner, is drawn in a very feminine and soft style, whereas the seme, or dominant partner, is much more masculine.

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He thus still finds himself at the mercy of an older and much more experienced lover, just like Pico is.. Thus, people still remember it today, where it regularly comes up in conversation and is a comparison for other newer anime.. Which is quite an achievement, considering the anime is only three episodes long! But it was so bold, fresh, and unique, and pushed so many limits, that it really stood out and people talked about it. Grids For Instagram 2.3

While it is not as wide of a gap as in Boku no Pico, Yukiya is clearly still much younger than Somuku.. For 120 million yen The stranger turns out to be Somuku Kanou, and Okane ga Nai tells the story of their unlikely relationship.

The first and most obvious similarity between Okane ga Nai and Boku no Pico is the age difference between the two main characters.. Boku No Pico Is Getting A Live Action Movie, I Don't Want To Live On This Planet Anymore! By recyclebin - A Member of the Internet's Largest Humor Community.. Boku no Pico is one of those titles that nearly all fans of anime have heard of, even if they have never seen it or are not interested in it – it’s just that famous.. The sex is also less than consensual in both anime, with Yukiya clearly doing it for the money to try to pay Somuku back for buying him.. Boku no Pico was released in 2006 and became quite famous around that time But did you know that there are other similar anime to it that pre-date it? In our list of 6 Anime like Boku no Pico, we will highlight other anime and hentai that both have come out since Boku no Pico, and also are a bit older that you might have missed! If you’ve been looking for a new shotacon story to satiate you after Boku no Pico’s short story, look no further – you have found the right article. 34bbb28f04